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A voice to help shape the future of healthcare

Strongly invested in improving diabetes care and monitoring, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Chile supports Colive Voice

19 May 2022 2minutes

Colive Voice, an international digital health study led by the Luxembourg Institute of Health’s Deep Digital Phenotyping research unit, aims to identify vocal biomarkers for chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. Owing to the significant opportunities for improvement in diabetes monitoring, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Chile has agreed to join the project and raise awareness about the study in Chile.

Through the partnership, the Foundation is committed to raising awareness of the Colive Voice project among its members and supporting the recruitment of new participants with diabetes. The Foundation has already communicated about the project through messages on their social media channels, as well as webinars dedicated to diabetes and new technologies or workshops. This support is essential in order to include a maximum number of people living with diabetes in the study and to identify relevant vocal biomarkers for the screening and monitoring of this disease.

The identified vocal biomarkers could lead to concrete applications for diabetes screening and monitoring, for example by integrating voice-based monitoring into digital health applications or telemedicine solutions. Improving the detection and management of diabetes symptoms (hypo/hyperglycemia, diabetes distress, fatigue…) would simplify screening and improve the quality of life of millions of people with diabetes worldwide.

The support of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation of Chile is essential for the international recruitment of Colive Voice participants. The actions put in place by our partner will allow us to recruit enough participants with relevant profiles for our project, to move forward on the identification of key vocal biomarkers that will help us develop new screening and monitoring tools for diabetes. We are extremely grateful for their collaboration.

comments Dr. Guy Fagherazzi, Director of Precision Health Unit and principal investigator of Colive Voice.

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