Benefits of voice monitoring

Using voice to monitor our health will improve healthcare

To make this possible, you can help us by giving your voice!

The project needs many participants with different profiles and health conditions, regardless of their country of origin

Your input will ultimately help millions of patients daily!

Benefits of a voice-based monitoring for healthcare:

  • Can give accurate information on multiple health parameters simultaneously
  • Less burden for the patients: it is a quick, non-invasive and painless method
  • Brings care management into the patient’s home
  • Gives patients an active role in their health care
  • Allows early detection or health issues
  • Enhanced doctor-patients communication : voice-based medical data can be transmitted in real-time to your healthcare professional
  • Safer for medical teams in case of contagious disease
  • Reduces on-site clinical visits
  • Augmented telehealth solutions
  • Development of patient-centric endpoints for clinical research

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