Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Marianne, I am 67 years old and I am German.

Marianne, a participant with covid-19 history

Watch Marianne’s testimonial, a participant in the Colive Voice digital health study. She explains her motivations for supporting this research on vocal biomarkers and why she agreed to donate her voice to help us improve healthcare.

Marianne was infected with Covid-19 and noticed that the disease affected her voice. Perhaps you have noticed a similar effect in yourself or your loved ones?

Therefore, Colive Voice researchers are convinced that voice is a reliable indicator for monitoring Covid-19 symptoms or diagnosing Covid-19 in people with the disease. Voice changes caused by certain diseases can be sometimes completely inaudible.

Tell us about your motivation for participating in the Colive Voice project?

I am participating in this project because a friend approached me about it and she explained to me what the research project is and I was very excited. Before, I had no idea at all that you can recognise biomarkers in the voice and I found that very fascinating. Of course, I immediately signed up and took the test.

When I looked into this topic a bit more, I remembered that when I had COVID-19, my voice was also different. I spoke very slowly and very differently. It took a long time until my voice felt normal to me again.

How was your participation in the study?

Participating in this project is very uncomplicated. The questionnaire is very logically structured and self-explanatory and you really don’t need much time. It takes 15 minutes to answer the questions and I think these 15 minutes are a good investment in this important study. I can only urge all people to participate. It’s for a good cause – it’s for all of us.

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