Your voice reflects your health

Our voice is used every day to communicate, to convey our emotions and feelings. Did you know that it also reflects changes in our health?

Various organs in our body (lung, larynx, brain,…) influence voice production. If any of these organs are affected by a diseases such as cancer, it can impact the voice. These changes are often inaudible to human hearing but can be identified by artificial intelligence effortlessly.

Identifying vocal biomarkers to better monitor the health of people with cancer

Colive Voice aims to identify vocal biomarkers to revolutionize the monitoring of symptoms and side-effects during cancer treatment. A vocal biomarker is a combination of features from the audio signal of a voice that is associated with a symptom or a side effect of cancer.

Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, stress and anxiety are symptoms frequently reported by patients undergoing cancer treatment.

With the identification of vocal biomarkers, these symptoms could soon be easily monitored during treatment directly on a smartphone. This will allow the physicians to personalize cancer treatment and care in a more timely manner, according to the patient’s needs and general health status. As such, voice-based monitoring is expected to improve the quality of life of patients during their treatment. 

Are you living with cancer or had cancer recently ? Do you want to help improve the monitoring of this serious disease? It is quick and easy, just answer our online questionnaire and record your voice here.

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