Why a study on voice?

Why do a digital health study on the voice? 

The human voice is a rich medium which serves as the primary source for communication between individuals. It is one of the most natural, energy-efficient ways of interacting with each other. And it is assumed that the use of voice and voice technologies (such as vocal assistants, smartphone vocal apps, digital scribes…) have the power to give back some humanity to an increasingly digitized healthcare environment.

In parallel, technologies, artificial intelligence methods and computer sciences have led the way to new opportunities in the field of digital health, whose ultimate purpose is to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals by leveraging technologies.

There is a major need to develop digital health studies such as Colive Voice, where audio, clinical, epidemiological and patient-reported outcomes data are collected simultaneously.

How will Colive Voice contribute to shaping the future of healthcare?

The results of our research will allow physicians to use patient’s voice for diagnosis, risk prediction and remote monitoring of various chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, COVID-19, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.) but also to monitor the patient’s mental health (stress, anxiety, diabetes distress, etc.).

Why should you take part in Colive Voice?

By helping us, you can contribute to the development of augmented healthcare – healthcare practitioners will be able to benefit from an easy and effective way to monitor their patient’s diseases remotely using only their voice. Your input will ultimately help millions of patients daily!

There are multiple benefits of effective voice-based monitoring:

  • Non-invasive and painless method
  • Executed in the comfort of their own homes
  • Allows early diagnosis
  • Voice-based medical data can be transmitted in real-time to your healthcare professional
  • Safer for medical teams in case of contagious disease

Support Colive Voice by donating your voice