Your voice is linked to your health

Our voice allows us to express our feelings and ideas. Did you know that it also allows us to monitor our health or the effect of a treatment?

Diabetes can have an impact on organs such as your heart, lungs, brain…These organs are involved in voice production and it can affect the way we speak

These changes in our voice are sometimes inaudible, but are easily identified by artificial intelligence.

Identifying vocal biomarkers for better monitoring the health of people with diabetes

Colive Voice aims to identify vocal biomarkers to revolutionize the monitoring of diabetes. A vocal biomarker is a combination of features from the audio signal of a voice that is associated with a symptom or a side effect of diabetes.

Fatigue, diabetes distress, diabetes burnout, stress and anxiety are symptoms frequently reported by patients undergoing diabetes treatment.

With the identification of vocal biomarkers, these symptoms could soon be easily tracked on our smartphone. Doctors will be able to personalize treatment and care based on the patient’s needs and overall health. Voice-based monitoring will improve patients’ quality of life during their treatment. 

Are you living with diabetes? Do you want to help improve the monitoring of this serious disease? It’s quick and easy, just answer our online questionnaire and record your voice here below.

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