Using voice to monitor our health enables new possibilities for healthcare!

Colive Voice is an international digital health study led by the Luxembourg Institute of Health. Our innovative study aims to improve diagnosis and monitoring of various chronic diseases, such as cancer, diabetes and COVID-19, by evaluating voice features.

Want to learn more about Colive Voice? Watch this animated video from Sci Anim about our project.

We need many participants worldwide, speaking different languages and being either healthy or living with a chronic disease.

Want to participate in our project?

Join us, if you are an adult or teenager over 15 years of age, from any country and are either:

  • healthy
  • living with cancer or have a history of cancer
  • living with diabetes
  • living with other serious chronic or infectious diseases
  • with an anxiety or depressive disorder

What our participant say about Colive Voice

  • It was a lot of fun doing that session for Colive! If I can help again in any way, please let me know!

  • I really would love to do something like that voice assessment some day and see how accurate the results are. Good luck with your research!

  • Thanks, it’s actually been an enjoyable study

  • That was really interesting! I’ve forwarded your link to a few friends, so I hope they participate. Please let me know if there is anything more I can do.

  • Best wishes for your valuable research. In a time where it is very difficult to access a one-on-one general practitioner appointment the idea of diagnosis through voice is a way forward.