Mégane Pizzimenti, Scientific Manager for our vocal biomarkers research

Welcome to “Meet the Team” Episode 2, where we bring you insightful interviews with professionals in the digital health field, behind the Colive Voice project. In this episode, we turn the spotlight on Mégane Pizzimenti, our dynamic Digital Health Scientific Manager.

Managing Projects, Scientific Collaborations, and Funding for Colive Voice’s Vocal Biomarkers Study

Mégane takes charge of managing our innovative research project on vocal biomarkers at the forefront of digital health. From mental health disorders to chronic diseases, vocal biomarkers hold the promise of providing non-invasive, efficient, and accurate diagnostic tools.

As the Digital Health Scientific Manager, Mégane Pizzimenti assumes a multifaceted role. Mégane’s role extends beyond project management, she engages with leading researchers, clinicians, and experts in the field, facilitates knowledge exchange, and cultivates partnerships that enrich the study’s scientific validity and broaden its impact. In parallel, she secures the necessary funding for the study’s successful execution.

Could you introduce yourself and your background in a few words?

My name is Mégane Pizzimenti, I am a Digital Health Scientific Manager at the Luxembourg Institute of Health. I have a PhD in Human Physiology, obtained at the University of Strasbourg in France.

What drew you to the position of scientific manager? Why the health sector?

What drew me to the position is the Colive Voice project because it is very innovative and exciting, detecting diseases and monitoring symptoms. How could I not want to work on it? During my PhD, I have tried to identify biomarkers in patient’s blood, today it’s throughout their voice.

Can you describe a typical day at work as a scientific manager for Colive Voice?

As a Scientific Manager for Colive Voice, I have three main tasks: managing the project, developing collaborations, and researching funds.

At the moment, my days are mostly rhythmed by the preparation of a European consortium to move forward the field of vocal biomarkers.

What impact would you like Colive Voice’s research findings to have on the future of healthcare?

Colive Voice is a unique voice database, where we collect real-life voice samples from participants all over the world. By opening up participation to anyone over 15, we aim to gather a vast dataset that can significantly contribute to the progress of our research, ultimately enhancing the understanding and application of vocal biomarkers in various domains.

To conclude, I encourage everyone to consider donating their voice to help advance the field of voice-based biomarkers and improve both the future of healthcare and the quality of life of people around the world. 

As my mom said “This research is super important, everybody should participate!”, so please, listen to her and go to www.colivevoice.org and donate your voice!

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