Benefits for diabetes

The benefits of voice monitoring are numerous for people living with diabetes

Diabetes affects patients both physically and mentally. Patients have to keep track of glucose level, insulin administration, eating habits, exercise, foot care, maintaining a healthy lifestyle… thus being vulnerable to diabetes distress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and reduced quality of life.

People with diabetes have different voice signatures than the general population:

  • Diabetes can alter the nerves of the muscles involved in the production of speech.
  • This disease can also induce fatigue of the respiratory muscles, inadequate inhaling and exhaling volumes and reduced maximum phonation time.
  • Chronic hyperglycemia can damage the pulmonary capillaries, reduce lung function and thus maximum phonation time.

With the identification of vocal biomarkers, these symptoms could soon be easily monitored remotely by using a smartphone:

  • Voice based monitoring  will simplify access to diabetes screening and enable early diagnosis of this disease
  • By regularly recording their voice, patients could benefit from easier access to diabetes care management, rapid and precise medical follow-up and enhanced doctor-patient link
  • Voice recordings showing high levels of diabetes distress, uncontrolled blood glucose level events, fatigue… would trigger an alert resulting in doctor counseling, medication changes or hospital referral

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