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Shaping the future of healthcare together

Our partners are a vital support in improving healthcare for patients with chronic diseases and in recruiting new participants for Colive Voice.

Companies from different sectors, patient associations and healthcare professionals already support us by dedicating time to raise awareness of Colive Voice and to encourage their employees or their members to donate their voice.

The results of our research aims to simplify the daily management of diabetes and cancer (and potentially many other chronic diseases). Your support will help millions of patients daily!

Partnership Philosophy

By becoming involved with Colive Voice, you are willing to :

  • Support an innovative digital health study of international scope, using artificial intelligence
  • Contribute to improving the remote healthcare of patients living with chronic diseases (diabetes, cancer, etc.)
  • Participate in a medical study driven by the will of improving the well-being of the people with diseases and by the desire to facilitate their daily life 
  • Promote essential values of care, support, innovation and vision

Become a partner!