Benefits for cancer

The benefits of voice monitoring are numerous for people living with cancer

Cancer is associated with pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, depression…Although critical for patient care, these symptoms are rarely monitored outside of clinical visits. When they are, it is through questionnaires or on-site medical appointments which can be a burden for the patients.

A more accurate monitoring of these symptoms can enhance patients quality of life and overall survival, and reduce visits to the emergency department.

With the identification of vocal biomarkers, these symptoms could soon be easily monitored remotely by using a smartphone:

  • By regularly recording their voice, patients could benefit from easier access to cancer care management, rapid and precise medical follow-up and enhanced doctor-patient link
  • Voice recordings showing high levels of pain, fatigue, depression… would trigger an alert resulting in doctor counseling, medication changes or hospital referral

More details of the improvements brought by a voice monitoring with the illustrated cases of Paul and Angie below

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