Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I’m John I’m 28 I’m from the UK and I work at the Luxembourg Institute of Health.

John, a participant without chronic disease history

John, Luxembourg Institute of Health’s employee, explains his motivation for participating in Colive Voice digital health study. Although not chronically ill, John agreed to participate in our study to advance the identification of vocal biomarkers and help improve healthcare. 

The innovative approach of the study and its ease of access incited John to donate his voice to support medical research. Like him, if you are healthy or have a loved one with a chronic disease, and want to get involved, don’t hesitate to participate!

Tell us about your motivation for participating in the Colive Voice project?

For me, one of the main reasons to participate in the Colive Voice study was due to the fact of the accessibility and the ease and the time needed to complete the survey. I would also say that due to the ease of use and the technology used you know that you’re contributing to help support science and research and it’s that is absolutely vital in terms of healthcare within technology.

How was your participation in the study?

So, I found the Colive Voice app very easy to use, very intuitive. You have the flexibility to choose whether to complete the survey on either a desktop on your mobile. For me personally, I did it on my mobile because I found it easier to do. I like the fact that the the questions were not too technical. So, I found that it was quite easy to follow, it took me around 15 minutes to complete and the voice tests were very easy. The technology used is very impressive it was very responsive and interactive. So, I think that this is great, so I would very highly recommend that you or anyone that you know participates in the Colive Voice study.

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