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Think Pink Luxembourg’s joins Colive Voice efforts

Think Pink Lux is a Luxembourg non-profit association started in 2009 by a group of volunteers, with the goal of supporting women living in Luxembourg with the day to day reality of cancer. Think Pink Lux aims to raise awareness of cancers affecting women and to support women and their families living in Luxembourg with cancer.

Through the generous funding of its supporters, sponsors and donors Think Pink Luxembourg supports a number of activities: support groups, the Think Pink Guide, the Marian Aldred Scholarship Award, health promotion and dedicated cancer awareness events for enterprises and organizations in Luxembourg.

Actions put in place for supporting Colive Voice

Through the partnership, the organization is committed to raising awareness of the Colive Voice project among its members and supporting the recruitment of new participants with cancer. The association has already communicated about the project through messages on their social media channels and helped to raise awareness about the benefits of voice based monitoring for cancer patients in Luxembourg. This support is essential in order to recruit cancer patients for the study and to advance the identification of relevant vocal biomarkers to monitor this disease.

As a group Think Pink Lux wants to do as much as possible to support meaningful research. As a small volunteer group, Think Pink Lux has to manage its  limited financial resources from fundraising and donations really well, so supporting an innovative project such as Colive Voice research with its potential for far reaching results which could benefit many people with cancer and have a huge impact on their lives is important to us. It’s amazing to think that small changes in the voice can be indicative of big changes in health.

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